History of The Lincroft Fire Company

The Lincroft Fire Company was organized in May of 1932 by a group of enthusiastic and persistent individuals who saw the need for fire protection in the growing residential area of Greater Lincroft.

From the Newman Springs Bridge (Route 520 toward Red Bank), west to the Holmdel boundary at Everett Road, and from the Swimming River North to what is now the Garden State Parkway is designated as The Lincroft Fire Company's primary response area. This area had been previously served by Middletown Fire Company No. 1, River Plaza Hose Company, Holmdel Fire Company, and the Westside Hose Company of Red Bank.

Presently within this coverage area includes Brookdale Community College, Christian Brothers Academy, Thompson Park, Sunnyside Equestrian Center, Luftman Towers, Luftman Pavilion, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Monmouth, River Centre, Extended Stay America, Torcon and the Garden State Parkway from mile marker 109 to 114.  Lincroft Fire Company provides backup coverage to the River Plaza Hose Company, Middletown Township Fire Co. #1 and responds to any neighboring community requesting our services.


Robert Cook of Tinton Falls, who owned property in Lincroft, was one of the key people that organized the fire company. He would later go on to organize the Northside Fire Company of Tinton Falls.


Lincroft Fire Company was admitted to the Middletown Township Fire Department (MTFD) in 1934. The MTFD has been recognized as the largest all volunteer fire departments in the country with 11 stations, more than 40 apparatus and over 400 active firefighters.


The lot where the firehouse currently stands was purchased from J.E.C. Layton for $500.00. The original building was constructed in 1936. The first mortgage for the building was $5,500.00. 


The firehouse was designed by Oscar Silverstone of Brooklyn, and was built by Edward S. Klausner. Additions were added in 1960 for our present engine bay and 1987 for the tower ladder bay..


Since the Lincroft Fire Company was formed in 1932, the community has undergone significant growth in both residential and commercial properties. The response area covered by the Lincroft Fire Company now includes Brookdale Community College, Christian Brothers Academy, Lincroft Elementary School, St. Leo the Great Elementary School and Oak Hill Academy plus several pre-school facilities.


Corporations such as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Telcordia Technologies, Avaya and many other office buildings have been built in the Lincroft Fire Company response area over the years. In addition to the commercial properties, Bamm Hollow Country Club, Thompson County Park, Sunnyside Recreation Area along with a few Township parks for youth baseball, soccer and other recreation activities have been developed here.


Over the years, four senior citizen residential facilities have also been constructed in Lincroft. Luftman Towers and De La Salle Hall were built in the 70’s and Sunrise Assisted Living and Luftman Pavilion in the 2000’s. Combined, they are home to more than three hundred seniors.


The Lincroft Fire Company also responds to vehicle fires and other emergencies on the Garden State Parkway and provides backup support to neighboring communities when needed.  


The company has had many different vehicles in service over the years as described below.  


1933 Brockway Pumper

193? Packard Hose Car                                     

1941 Pirsch Pumper

1954 Great Eastern Pumper

1955 Oren Pumper

1966 Mack Pumper

1966 Dodge Brush Truck

1974 Young Pumper

1979 Dodge Brush Truck

1987 Seagrave 100’ Ladder Truck

1991 Pierce Pumper

2001 E-One Tower Ladder

2003 Ford Brush Truck

2022 E-One Pumper

Until the purchase of the 1987 Seagrave Aerial truck, all Middletown Township Fire Department companies had to raise the funds to purchase their apparatus. Presently, the Township of Middletown purchases the apparatus and some of our equipment. They also provide funds for the apparatus and equipment maintenance.

For many years, the fire company prepared and served dinners to raise funds. Unfortunately, due to the tremendous efforts to run these events and declining profits, the dinners were canceled in 1986.  The fire company now relies on a direct mail fund drive to our residences and a friendly visit for business and residents who had not responded to our fund drive appeal.  The fire company also receives a small financial subsidy from the Township of Middletown for general operating costs and insurance.  


Middletown Township Fire Department Chiefs from the Lincroft Fire Company  


1944 - James Hennehand

1954 - Garett Corson

1963 - John C. Fowler

1974 - George C. Richdale

1985 - Austin B. McKnight

1996 - Dennis W. Fowler

2007 – William D. Kennelly, Jr

2018 - Ryan M. Clarke.  


The first chief officer from Lincroft was James Hennehand who replaced Henry Carney, who was called up to the armed services.  


The second chief was Garrett Corson who replaced Gerald Dominion who died in the line of duty.  


The third chief, John C. Fowler, was credited with saving the old Leonardo High School in which one wing was destroyed in March of 1963.  


George C. Richdale was one of the founders of the Middletown Township Fire Academy. The MTFD Fire Academy is now considered one of the premier emergency services training facilities in the State.  


Some Help from Our Friends  


The Lincroft Fire Company is fortunate to have a very dedicated Ladies Auxiliary that performs fund raising events, coordinates social activities and supports the firefighters at large structure fires with refreshments. We are very grateful for everything they do!  


We also enjoy a tremendous working relationship with our neighboring companies within the Middletown Township Fire Department and our surrounding communities.

The Lincroft Fire Company  has a long time relationship with the Lincroft First Aid & Rescue Squad. We support the squad  on motor vehicle crashes, and any rescue situation where we can assist. The squad is also dispatched along with the fire company for all major fire calls. The Lincroft First Aid Squad was originally organized by members of the Lincroft Fire Company in 1953 and have continued a strong bond ever since.  

There are several people in the greater Lincroft area who have helped us over the years, there are three who stand out. Geraldine Thompson was a wonderful philanthropist, known for her generosity to charities of which the Lincroft Fire Company was a recipient. Her assistance over the years helped make our fire company what it is today. Then there was Martha and Terry Daverio, owners of the Historic Lincroft Inn.  For many years they have strongly supported the Lincroft Fire Company through their generous contributions and support of our fund raising efforts. The Lincroft Fire Company held many years of memorable awards dinners at the Lincroft Inn. They were more than gracious hosts; they were true friends of the fire company.