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Did you know that a new Class A Pumper costs more than $300,000.00? A New Tower Ladder would cost in excess of $1,000,000.00 today. A full set of turnout gear consisting of a helmet, boots, coat, pants, gloves and nomex hood is over $2,500.00 and each firefighter must be outfitted.


The cost of operating the apparatus in terms of fuel and maintenance continues to rise all the time. Utility costs to maintain the firehouse are also on the rise.


In addition to the countless hours of training and responding to emergencies 24/7, our volunteers must also raise money to keep the organization ready to respond to calls for help in our community.


You may be fortunate to have never needed our services, but I'm sure you have friends or family who have. It's your generous donations that keep this valuable service in our community.


So once again, we ask for your support. Help us help you by making a contribution today. If you have not had a chance to respond to our annual direct mail fund drive request, you still can donate below.


For those of you who have already contributed, we are sincerely grateful for your kind donation.

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